Parts Newsletter Jan 2023

 Jan 2023



New Parts

Legacy EV - Zonic Motor Series

Zonic Motors

Legacy EV is proud to announce that they are now a key distributor offering the Zonic line of motors which includes the Zonic 70, Zonic 120, and Zonic 180. 

These motors are a great fit for most small and medium classic car conversions and each system features liquid cooling of both the inverter and controller. Every Zonic motor has a nominal operating range around 400V so should you want to have DC fast charging, the Zonic Motors are not holding you back. Additionally, Zonic motors utilize the AEM EV VCU200, one of the best electric vehicle VCU’s on the market. After extensive testing it comes programmed with a tried and tested profile/map proven to get the most out of the system and gives you the option to run other compatible components within the AEM EV range. The system is designed to work with Orion, Dilithum or AEM EV BMS solutions, allowing for it to work with the battery management system to dynamically adjust performance or regen when needed to protect your battery for longevity. 

Lastly, multiple gearbox and adaptor plate options are available for the full lineup of Zonic motors. More information on these next-gen motors can be found below:

ZONIC 180(link) | ZONIC 120(link) | ZONIC 70(link)


Legacy EV - AEM CCU


Introducing the most recent addition to the AEM EV family of controls, the AEM Combined Charging Unit (CCU). The CCU is a module combining both an On-Board Charger (OBC) and a DC-DC Converter (DC-DC). The OBC charges the HV Battery Pack by taking 120v or 240v AC energy from the grid, converting it to high voltage DC and charging the high voltage battery in the vehicle. The DC-DC converter takes the high voltage from the battery pack and converts it to low voltage to maintain the charge in the vehicle's 12V battery, like an alternator would in an ICE vehicle.

The AEM CCU is very compact and light weight, weighing in at 12.2 lbs and measuring 10.8”x7.9”x2.7” all while offering high efficiency, stable charging, long life, high protection level, and high reliability. The AEM CCU is 100% driven via CAN by the VCU and by combining the functions of an OBC and a DC-DC converter into a single module it drastically simplifies the EV drive system.

It is currently in stock and ready to ship here (link)


Legacy EV - 3.0:1 Torque Box

3.0:1 Torque Box

The people have spoken, and Torque Trends Industries has answered with their new 3.0:1 inline gear reduction box. This is the ideal ratio for when the vehicle weight is greater than 4000 lb, the motor is less than sufficient for acceleration performance, or when used in tow or off-road application.  

Since the torque box shares the same housing as the 1.9:1 variant, the 3:1 can be adapted to the same number of motors as the 1.9:1, including the Cascadia Motion iM-225, Netgain Hyper9, and Nissan Leaf Motor. Furthermore it is compatible with existing Torque Box accessories such as the park-lock parking pawl and the Turbo 400 mount, designed by ReVolt systems. 

The 3.0:1 Torque Box is currently in final testing stages, and is expected to be available for purchase in the coming months.



In Stock and Ready to Ship!


Legacy EV - Dan Foss HD220+ and HD250+


Dan Foss HD220+ and HD250+

The Danfoss HD220 and HD250 (formerly UQM HD220 and HD250) are high power PMAC (permanent magnet AC) electric motors designed for heavy duty, high torque applications. The HD220 and HD250 M+C+T includes the motor, controller, and transmission. The transmission is a 2-speed pneumatic (air-pressure operated) Eaton transmission. This heavy duty electric motor can be used in a variety of applications ranging from school buses to mining equipment and even larger consumer vehicles.

The HD250 has a nominal voltage of 660V and boasts a peak torque of 2,250 ft-lbs, peak power output of 335HP/250kW, and a max speed of 4,800 RPM. 

The HD220 has a nominal voltage of 360V and boasts a peak torque of 1,748 ft-lbs, peak power output of 395HP/220kW, and a max speed of 4,800 RPM.

In stock and ready to ship here: HD220 (link) | HD250 (link)


 Legacy EV - Hyper9 Motors and Hyper9HV Motors

Hyper9 Motors and Hyper9HV Motors

The Netgain Hyper9 motor is available in two flavors, a 100V and a 144V variant, and we have both in-stock and ready to ship! This motor has been the industry standard for EV conversions for the past decade and it remains an ideal power-train for any light to midweight daily driver. 

In stock and ready to ship here: Hyper9 (link) | Hyper9HV (link)



Featured Build

Legacy EV - 65’ ReVolt Mustang - ReVolt CR43-B Crate Motor


65’ ReVolt Mustang

No expense spared and no holds barred, the 65’ ReVolt Mustang is the definition of new-age American Muscle. 

The heart of this ‘Stang is an electron-devouring ReVolt CR43-B Crate Motor capable of 600hp and 800+ ft-lb of instantaneous torque. Of course you need a way to keep those ponies moving

 in a straight line, and it’s hard to argue against a SPEC Series chassis from Roadster Shop with four link suspension in the rear. Slowing this beast down is surprisingly effortless with stopping power provided by Baer brakes and regenerative braking. 

The performance is undeniable but it’s the details that set this “old” Ford apart. The pearl paint

supplied by TCP Global and laid down by Hotdog Customs is impeccable, the pinstriping is flawless, and the custom fiber hood is one of one.

You can go as fast as 175 mph or travel 200 miles, but you only get to pick one. Choose wisely.



Coming Soon!

Here at Legacy EV testing, integrating, and providing the best EV components and solutions to our customers is a top priority. We are always working on tomorrow's latest and greatest, so stay tuned for upcoming products such as: 

  • Ground fault monitoring systems to increase safety and monitoring in the EV aftermarket

  • A $10k conversion kit to make EV conversions more accessible to the people 

  • CCS fast charging kits to drastically reduce charge time when road-tripping with your bespoke EV classic car.