Legacy Kits

We found that when we were searching for EV kits it was really difficult to figure out how different components would impact the overall build. It also seemed like no “kit” actually came complete, they were either missing batteries, dc to dc converters, or the proper controllers to run the systems we were building. Our kits include what you will need for your conversion and all the components in our kits have been specifically designed to work together to help you get seamlessly to your final product faster and at a great price. 

Every conversion is different but you can find Authorized Installers on our website that are able to give you an accurate quote on how much the labor for your project will cost. Other than that the prices are listed for each of our kits. If you plan to build the conversion yourself we have included everything from motor, batteries, and controllers all the way to wiring and connectors so you don’t have to do any guesswork on how much money the materials will cost you. 

If you are looking for a shop that can do the work on your conversion simply go to the Authorized Installer section of our website to find a list of installers closest to you that can do the conversion for you.