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Hear from our customers

I would recommend this training. If anybody is getting into EVs, I think this is a very exciting and fun way to learn exactly what you’re doing, and not only that, just to be safe when you’re doing these kinds of things.

Shelby American
Vince - VP

One of the most valuable aspects of Legacy EV training for me as a fabricator was the design factor. Installing [batteries] in a car to where it actually makes sense, routing cables, layout, to where you can hide and tuck everything, was my favorite part.

Gas Monkey Garage
Josh - Fabricator

Working with Legacy EV was outstanding. I chose that word because everybody here is so helpful to making sure you understand all aspects. From the very fundamental to the extremely advanced case.

St. Clair College
Dan - Professor

After Legacy EV training, I feel like I know how to effectively and efficiently create a safer work environment for me and my team as well as anyone who comes near the workplace.

HV Safety Training Attendee

Absolutely. I think this is fantastic training. If you are planning to do an electric conversion or just want to learn more about the EV industry and what makes an EV work, then yeah this is fantastic training to go through.