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Our Mission

Honor the Past
Protect the Future

Honor the past

— Preserve the legacy of classic cars as the automotive industry evolves from gas powered to electric powered vehicles.

— Preserve the legacy of auto repair and restoration through specialized EV education and training.

Protect the Future

— Provide a lower emission alternative to buying a new EV by allowing consumers to up-cycle their gas powered car into a battery electric powered vehicle.

— Remove barriers to EV ownership by providing a lower cost alternative to purchasing a new EV.

About Legacy EV

Legacy EV is the market leader in aftermarket EV applications. Legacy offers fully integrated EV systems from top manufacturers, certified EV technician training programs, and EV design consultation for businesses around the world. The transition to electric vehicles does not mean we have to give up the cars we love and the auto-shops we trust. With support from Legacy EV, builders around the world are ensuring the transition to EV both honors the past, while protecting the future.

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Our Partners

As the authorized distributor for over 20 EV companies, Legacy EV partners with the widest selection of manufacturers in the EV market to provide the best shopping experience for its customer.