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drive it.

Driven by change? Electrify your education with LegacyEV’s Certified Technician Program!

EV Education

Change is happening in the automotive industry.

What was once a whimsical notion of the disruption to the ICE vehicles and education we know and love is happening today faster than ever.

From industry giants and local shops to individuals ready to drive change, EV education is at the forefront of conversations in our industry.

With proven expertise and training in electric vehicle systems and conversions, we can help you embrace this exciting future of EVs with LegacyEV's Certified Technician Program.

upon completing legacyev’s certified technician program, students will be able to:

Communicate the
topic of EV tech 
successfully with customers and stakeholders 
Convert a
car to a battery
electric power.
Successfully build
a custom electric vehicle.
Be part of
installer network.
Work effectively
with LegacyEV
Design Engineers
on build support
and design consultation.

Our five-part course includes the benefits of a self-paced virtual program with the customization required to benefit your build and your education.

As part of your training, you will receive:


A student of Electric Vehicle Education doing hands-on study

Expand your network!

Join our free EV Networking Platform today. Whether you're an EV owner or enthusiast, builder or manufacturer, or simply looking for a community of likeminds, our networking platform is the place for you! Discuss evolving technology, charging infrastructures, range and capabilities, and all the ins and outs of the EV industry right here.


See what our students are saying.

The Legacy EV Certified Technician Program helped our shop to build one of a kind EV builds that earned prime time television features at Barrett Jackson by turning our expert gas-powered mechanics into expert EV technicians.


Looking for help on your build?
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Get a jumpstart in the industry by completing LegacyEV’s Certified Technician Program!