Legacy EV Revolutionizes the EV Retrofit Industry with First Powertrain Kit for Under $10,000

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Legacy EV Revolutionizes the EV Retrofit Industry with First Powertrain Kit for Under $10,000


TEMPE, Ariz. – February 27, 2024  Legacy EV, a leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) aftermarket applications and education programs, has introduced the first complete EV electrification kit for under $10,000. Developed from the powertrain components of a Nissan Leaf, the kit repurposes the components of the first EV available to the mass market.  

“The Legacy EV team created a straightforward, turnkey and very affordable solution for those who want to embrace electrification,” said Rob Ward, CEO and founder of Legacy EV. “Our new kit utilizes a proven modern motor and battery combination that repurposes most of the existing Nissan Leaf powertrain, reducing cost and dramatically simplifying installation. And the price is simply unbeatable.” 

In addition to using the Nissan components, the Legacy EV kit includes an aftermarket vehicle control unit which manages charging, motor control, brake lights, reverse lights, pre-charging, HV relays, and more. Installation can include the existing gearbox to run half-shaft axles for front-engine FWD or rear-engine RWD donor vehicles. Alternatively, it utilizes a TorqueBox for single speed gear reduction, or a manual transmission adaptor plate if owners want to retain the factory transmission. 

“Legacy EV is breaking new ground with the development of kits to make electrification of ICE powered vehicles simpler and more accessible,” said Mavrick Knoles, president and co-founder of Legacy EV. “This new Nissan Leaf kit allows us to accomplish two incredible milestones. First, we’re giving auto techs a new way to easily convert a vehicle at a low cost. And we’re also extending the life of these classic EVs by repurposing their powertrains for aftermarket applications which is a far  more sustainable solution than sending them to a salvage yard.” 

The Nissan Leaf kit costs $9,950 and its components include:

  • 6.6kW onboard AC charger and 46kW CHAdeMO DC-fast charge capable
  • 30kWh battery pack with internal BMS and pre-charge circuitry 
  • 80kW EM57 Motor and inverter with pre-installed single speed gear box
  • DC-DC converter and power distribution module
  • CHAdeMO charge port and associated cables
  • Nissan Leaf accelerator pedal
  • Nissan Leaf water pump

Nissan Leaf motor specifications include:

  • Nominal Voltage: 360V
  • Input Voltage: 288-403V
  • Max Current: 250 Amps
  • Peak Torque: 250Nm
  • Peak Power: 80kW
  • Max Speed: 10,400 RPM0



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    Legacy EV is an industry leading Electric Vehicle (EV) company offering complete EV conversion kits, EV components, EV education, training courses, and technical build-support. Legacy EV can convert your fleet to electric power, build your custom EV, or get any shop the parts and training they need in order to complete EV conversions themselves. Legacy is working to ensure the transition to Electric Vehicles does not mean we have to lose the cars we love and the auto-shops we trust. For more information, go to legacyev.com.

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