Legacy EV Launches 100V EV Training Bench for Educators

The 100V EV Training Bench is a fully assembled and functional EV powertrain that enables students and mechanics to wire, diagnose, and program an EV while practicing high voltage safety procedures.
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Legacy EV Launches 100V EV Training Bench for Educators


Tempe, Arizona, November 28 - Legacy EV, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) conversion kits, components, and training, has launched the first of its kind 100V Electric Vehicle Training Bench. The bench is designed to teach hands-on EV fundamentals through a brand-agnostic approach that will prepare students for careers in the e-mobility industry and enable those who are already working in the space to gain valuable industry knowledge.

The bench is reusable year after year across multiple class sections and can be used to help students understand the fundamentals of EV powertrains and safety functions of all EV components and systems.

We are thrilled to unveil the 100V EV Training Bench, which is designed to create a foundational understanding of EV technology without limiting students to any one OEM platform, which inturn helps prepare students for dynamic career in the growing EV industry,” said Mavrick Knoles, President and Co-Founder, Legacy EV. “Students can use this bench to gain invaluable hands-on experience in a structured setting, before moving on to become EV technicians.

A number of colleges, including Heartland Community College, J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College, and Saddleback College, have experienced the benefit of these training benches first-hand.

The 100V EV Training Bench is designed for ease of use and interaction with all EV powertrain components and circuitry. It includes a designated space for a laptop for real-time programming and datalogging, programmable motor controller to commission, test, and tune the motor system, programmable battery management and charging system, and can connect to the controller area network (CAN) and interpret data.

The bench can demonstrate up to EVTEC L1 EV Technicians skill competencies (linked here) and ASE xEV Level 2 skill competencies (linked here | Level 3 ASE xEV standards pending) as well as wiring and safety industry best practices. Additional wiring harnesses can be purchased to allow learner opportunities to wire the bench while retaining bench wiring functionality.

The 100V EV Training Bench is available for purchase at $35,000.00.

For more information on the Legacy EV 100V EV Training Bench, please visit Legacy EV.


Vinnie Hobart - Instructor - Heartland Community College

The training bench is a must-have. If you are an educator, teacher, or business looking to invest in employees, the 100V training bench is a great tool to upskill people for the future. We plan to get a trainer bench through Legacy EV so we can simulate EV technical skills safely.

What I enjoyed about the benches was that you can physically see everything, and it is all easily accessible. I know having an EV car in our lab is nice because we can do other things like brakes and suspension, but our class is heavy on the 12v and HV side of the EV platform. We run into issues that we just can easily access everything because the manufacturer makes it time consuming to do so and has little or not enough instructions on how to do that said HV component. With the benches we are able to see what is going on with the battery technology, and can see what happens inside the battery packs of the OEM. The battery pack is something schools aren't getting into because of the liability. Some just drop it and that is it, but with a test bench we can actually see the contactors, resistors and can ACTUALLY bug it safely. I think if we had a bench our students would excel even farther."

Zach Hasty - Student - Heartland Community College

“Seeing the EV all laid out on a bench makes learning about EVs a lot easier, rather than trying to look through a vehicle and find these things like the DC/DC converter or onboard charger.”

Mark Swaim - Instructor - J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College

“I am an instructor building an EV program at my local college at home and I wanted to gain more knowledge on it before I start the program. The benefit of the training benches is their simplicity in seeing how all the components go together. I would recommend it for instructors or anybody wanting to teach about EVs.”

Raj Dhillon - Senior Lab Technician - Saddleback College

The practical and hands-on approach provided by this training bench is indeed remarkable. It offers a comprehensive, product-agnostic learning experience, perfectly suited for educators seeking to instill in their students a solid understanding of EV fundamentals. This hands-on training goes a long way in preparing learners for successful careers in the dynamic field of e-mobility.

The bench enables an engaging and effective learning experience. It offers educators a platform to demonstrate a variety of practical skills and theories related to EV technology. The comprehensive overview, combined with the safety measures integrated into the design, offers an excellent opportunity for learners to explore the intricacies of EV systems in a secure and controlled environment. We are integrating this training bench into our curriculum to further enrich the educational experience of our students. We believe it aligns perfectly with our institution's commitment to offering high-quality education in the field of automotive technology.”


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