1972 Luxe-GT Electric Ford Bronco

In collaboration with Gateway Bronco, the Luxe-GT, a '72 Bronco, underwent a transformative process, shedding its original chassis for a fully linked Kincer chassis. The bespoke touches include adjustable active ride coilovers and custom 18-inch CNC’d billet wheels with Toyo A/T tires in front of Wilwood brakes. Designed to conquer rugged terrains effortlessly, this compact yet robust SUV seamlessly transitions between off-road and street settings at the touch of a button.

Legacy EV contributed significantly to the Luxe-GT's performance, assembling a complete drivetrain package. The heart of the electric powertrain is a liquid-cooled UQM Danfoss HD-220 motor, generating 300 horsepower and an impressive 980 lb-ft of torque. Paired with a 5-speed transmission, the Bronco maintains its 4WD capabilities, delivering the smoothest power in its history. The UQM Motor Diagnostic software ensures precise control over power delivery through the signal processor controller.

Legacy EV Powertrain:

  • Torque: 516 ft-lbs
  • Power: 220+ kW (295+ hp)
  • Battery Capacity: 110kWh
  • Charge Rate: 12kW
  • Motor: Danfoss HD-220
  • Battery Pack: Custom Prismatic NMC
  • Charger: 4x TSM2500s
  • Est. Range: 200-300 miles

The Luxe-GT's power is sustained by a battery package composed of NMC lithium-ion cells strategically placed under the hood and in the compartment traditionally occupied by the fuel tank. With a capacity of 300 amp-hours, the Bronco boasts a remarkable range of approximately 300 miles. Despite its 5,200-pound weight, it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds.

Packed with luxurious features, the Luxe-GT justifies its $265,000-plus price tag. Cleverly disguised power windows, power electric steps, climate control, heated/cooled seats adorned in Porsche leather, houndstooth inserts, and a Kenwood-based Apple Carplay sound system with Focal speakers elevate the driving experience. EV-specific gauges from Dakota Digital offer vital information at a glance.

The exterior showcases meticulous attention to detail, with a Seafoam Green finish complemented by brilliant Ranger stripes. LED lighting enhances visibility both inside and outside the vehicle. The Luxe-GT's excellence has earned it a coveted place at SEMA and the Quail Gathering during Monterey Car Week in California, reserved for the world's best and most exotic cars.