Electric 1971 C10

Legacy EV introduces a groundbreaking conversion project, transforming a 1971 Chevy C10 into an all-electric vehicle powered by two 2020 NetGain 3-phase electric motors. Led by Robert Ward, CEO of Legacy EV, the initiative aims to propel customizers into the electric vehicle trend, mirroring the evolution of the LS1 engine swap. The converted C10, showcased at Ward's Old Town Auto shop in Ridgefield, Washington, features a unique empty engine bay repurposed as a trunk, emphasizing Legacy EV's streamlined approach to electric motor conversions. The project addresses common queries about electric vehicles, offering insights into potential upgrades like air conditioning and all-wheel drive.

Ward and the Legacy EV team are driven by a mission to honor the past while embracing a sustainable future. Their vision involves simplifying the electric conversion process by providing expertise in selecting and delivering the right components for a seamless transition. The post anticipates the rise of electric vehicle conversions and positions Legacy EV as a crucial player supporting enthusiasts in making eco-friendly choices for their custom vehicles.


Legacy EV Powertrain:

  • Torque: 657.4 lb*ft
  • Power: 260 hp (192kW)
  • Battery Capacity:  151.2 V nominal, 176.4V max
  • Charge Rate: 6kW
  • Motor: 2x Netgain electric 3-phase  HyPer 9HV motors w/ Torque Trends transmission
  • Battery Pack: GS Tesla Modules
  • Charger: 2x TSM2500 144V Chargers
  • Est. Range: 150-200 miles