New EV Magazine: Electric Conversion Is Now Possible for Every Car

EV Builder's Guide bridges the gap between GM and Ford EVs and technicians

Durham, NC, On May 31, 2022 EV Builder's Guide becomes the first magazine to teach electric conversions of all cars. The magazine is also the first partnership between Legacy EV and Engaged Media, and Legacy EV founder Mavrick Knoles is already excited for its impact. "EV Builder's Guide is a great opportunity to make people aware of converting to EV," he says.

Because widespread EV conversion for classic vehicles is still early, EV Builder's Guide is pioneering conversions training — and supporting the leading auto manufacturers that are converting. Knoles and the EV Builder's Guide team will gladly explain how the magazine connects mechanics to EV conversions and builders at a time when Ford is electrifying its most popular vehicles and GM spreads its Electric Connect conversion package. 

The cover of the first issue.The cover of the first issue.

Filling in EV Conversion Knowledge

Knoles has a background in education, thanks to his time in Teach for America. His mission for EV Builder's Guide is similar: "A big part of my training was understanding where there are education gaps and how to fill them," Knoles says. "There's a knowledge gap in the EV conversion process, and we can fill that."

Knoles and co-founder/CEO Rob Ward first filled EV-conversion knowledge gaps when they created Legacy EV in 2019. "There are amazing builders around the world who are hesitant to build EVs because they don’t understand conversion yet," Knoles says, "but with the right training and EV systems, that process becomes a lot more accessible." That's why Legacy EV has developed complete conversion kits that anyone can use to build electric vehicles, along with the first-of-its-kind Certified EV Technician program.

And it's why Legacy EV is publishing EV Builder's Guide with Engaged Media: to connect leading EV manufacturers to technicians through education. "It's been really difficult to know what you need for EV conversions," Knoles says. "We're excited to roll out tech articles about EV components, industry releases about new EVs and our certified technician program. They're going to help people gain better access to this space."

Engaged Media is the Place to Lead EV Conversion

This mission matches Engaged Media, Knoles says. "It's been a good fit," he says. "We've always been fans of Street Trucks Magazine."

Chris Hamilton, editor at EV Builder's Guide and Street Trucks, sees the promise of electric vehicles but also the progress the industry has already made: "Not only is there a huge presence," he says, "but there have been massive leaps in innovation. We want to be the first ones with EV conversion. It's like being on the moon and planting your flag first."

Knoles knows the promise of EV even more intimately. "The EV space is growing," he says, "but right now is the best time to be there because it's early. That's why we love the idea of rolling out EV Builder's Guide and establishing it as the definitive magazine for EV builders. We're increasing everyone's access to EV conversion training and products." 

One example of the magazine's classic-to-EV conversions.

About EV Builder's Guide​​​​

With expert-led coverage of electric engines, modifications, parts, and events, EV Builder’s Guide documents everything there is to know about the hotrods that run American roads without gasoline’s help. Converting a classic car with an electric engine is an unfamiliar process and an entire lifestyle. We’re teaching our audience both as the world's first resto-mod magazine for EV conversions.

About Engaged Media

Engaged Media brings the best media content to the right consumers, through digital, experiential and print methods. Its vibrant stories have served niche audiences for interior design, custom automotive and outdoor adventure for over 50 years.

About Legacy EV

Legacy EV is an industry leading Electric Vehicle (EV) company offering complete EV conversion kits, EV components, EV education, training courses, and technical build-support. Legacy EV can convert your fleet to electric power, build your custom EV, or get any shop the parts and training they need in order to complete EV conversions themselves. Legacy is working to ensure the transition to Electric Vehicles does not mean we have to lose the cars we love and the auto-shops we trust.

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