Project E - Ford Model A


When Legacy EV Founder and CEO, Rob Ward, first saw Jason Graham’s 1930 Model A Sedan, he never imagined it as an electric powerhouse. The aggressive, meticulously modified Model A embodied every hot-rodder’s dream. Fate intervened, and Ward proposed his beloved Model A for electrification. This marked the birth of “Project E,” a pivotal platform for testing electric powertrains. The result? Since that momentous decision, “Project E” has evolved, serving as the crucial validation platform for integrating various electric powertrains and paving the way for a remarkable milestone—the live gas-to-electric conversion.


Legacy EV Powertrain:

  • Torque: 360Nm (265 lb-ft)
  • Power: 180kW (241 hp)
  • Battery Capacity: 55kWh
  • Charge Rate: 6.6 kW, Level 1 & 2, CCS Fast-Charge Compatible
  • Motor: Zonic 180 Motor w/ TorqueBox
  • Battery Pack: Fellten UBP55EsGo
  • Charger: Fellten 6.6kW CCU w/ bidirectional capability
  • Est. Range: 110 - 150 miles
Check out Legacy EV's LIVE re-power of Project E at SEMA 2023 here.
Check out more at Legacy EV's Youtube channel