1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


Crafted by the skilled hands at Legacy EV, this convertible Cadillac had its origins as a V8-powered Coupe DeVille Convertible. Acquired by the visionary CEO of Legacy EV, the inspiration struck to transform this classic into an electric vehicle, serving as a captivating showcase for the company at prestigious events like cars and coffee gatherings, industry trade shows, and beyond. The heart of this electrifying conversion lies in three Netgain Hyper 9 electric motors seamlessly replacing the original 429 cubic-inch V8. These motors, ingeniously connected in series, unleash an impressive estimated torque of 1,000 pound-feet at the rear differential. Witness the evolution of automotive innovation with Legacy EV's electrifying reimagination of a timeless classic.

Legacy EV Powertrain:
  • Torque: 1,000 lb-ft
  • Power: 292.2 kW (394 hp)
  • Battery Capacity: 55.5 kWh
  • Charge Rate: 6.6 kW
  • Motor: 3 NetGain HyPer 9 motors
  • Battery Pack: NMC Lithium Ion
  • Charger: TSM2500 Charger
  • Est. Range: 125 Miles
 Check out this video all about Legacy EV's Cadillac build!

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