Legacy EV Offers EV 101 Seminar in Collaboration with SEMA Education


Legacy EV Offers EV 101 Seminar in Collaboration with SEMA Education 

Understanding how EV’s work begins with understanding first what is inside them and then understanding the fundamentals of how they are powered.  This is why Legacy EV is excited to offer a 1-day portion of its 5-day Bootcamp at SEMA 2023!

This course will provide a brand-agnostic and hands-on training opportunity for automotive techs to upskill themselves with a new understanding of Electric Vehicle powertrains. The one-day training will focus on the fundamental functions of EV powertrains and explore key High Voltage Safety practices.  During the training, attendees will get to work with real EV powertrains and tooling on Legacy EV training benches.

Course Length: The course is one, 7-hour day. The course will be split into two sessions, an AM session, and a PM session. Attendees will attend both morning and afternoon sessions. Sessions will be offered on Mon., Tues, and Wed. Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st.

  • Morning Session - Understanding EV Anatomy and Electrical Theory 
  • Afternoon Session - Applications with EV Specifications, EV Tooling, and HV Safety

Learners who complete this course will receive an EV101 certification from Legacy EV.  Learners who pay for the 1-day EV101 Seminar and decide to enroll in the full, 5-day bootcamp will receive a prorated discount for their initial investment in the 1-day training.


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About Legacy EV

Legacy EV is an industry leading Electric Vehicle (EV) company offering complete EV conversion kits, EV components, EV education, training courses, and technical build-support. Legacy EV can convert your fleet to electric power, build your custom EV, or get any shop the parts and training they need in order to complete EV conversions themselves. Legacy is working to ensure the transition to Electric Vehicles does not mean we have to lose the cars we love and the auto-shops we trust.

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