Legacy EV and Conductive Classics Electrify Hit TV Show With Conversion of 1920s Era Cars and Trucks

New Trend Emerging in Hollywood with Classic EVs
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Legacy EV and Conductive Classics Electrify Hit TV Show With Conversion of 1920s Era Cars and Trucks

Tempe, AZ – April 4, 2023 

Six vintage vehicles converted by Legacy EV and Conductive Classics for a recent hit TV series signal a major transition by Hollywood production companies to electrify cars and trucks for movies and television. The studio approached Legacy EV, a leader in EV kits, components and education to lead the project. Legacy EV then tapped its Authorized Installer, Conductive Classics, to execute the conversion of the 1920 to 1923 era trucks and cars. 

“The emergence of streaming platforms fundamentally changed the production of movies and series,” said Rob Ward, co-founder and CEO of Legacy EV. “The rigors and enormous cost of TV production require innovative thinking. By electrifying original vintage cars and trucks, the TV series production team could use genuine classic vehicles and still enjoy the benefits and reliability of modern technology. We predict a massive wave of classic EV conversions will overtake TV and film production.”  

Appearing on a streaming service, the new TV series is based in the American West. It explores the early Twentieth Century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression plagued the Mountain West. The series is created by some of the top companies in the entertainment industry, led by one of the hottest producers in Hollywood and stars some of the most iconic actors in the world. The first season’s final episode recently aired, and a second season has been confirmed. 

The TV show is set at a key point in American history when many transitions were underway. That made the appearance of period correct vehicles critical to the storyline from the very first episode. This is why the studio contacted Legacy EV for assistance and a plan to convert their vehicles within their limited time frame. Legacy EV was able to connect the studio with its authorized installer, Conductive Classics, to complete the project. 

Based in Garden City, Idaho, Conductive Classics is an automotive performance shop specializing in converting vintage cars and trucks from gasoline power to electric. The company offers swaps for any vehicle built by 1975. 

“Legacy EV called on us to convert three trucks and three cars for the production company that were originally built in the early 1920s for the studio’s new TV show,” said Mike Sallee, owner of Conductive Classics. “Vehicles from this era earned a reputation for being extremely tough to drive. They were very hard to start in cold weather, which is found regularly where the show is filmed. But with an EV conversion, anyone can smoothly and consistently motor along regardless of the temperature. Without a loud exhaust note or need for emission ventilation, it is easy and efficient to use them on a soundstage. This is the perfect solution for any production company that needs to keep the expensive cameras rolling and gives us the opportunity to save beloved classic cars and trucks, at least on video.”

Conductive Classics consulted with Legacy EV to plan and source key components for the EV conversions. Hyper 9 Netgain motors, Thunderstruck BMS and Chargers with Tesla batteries were installed in two Ford flatbed trucks, a Model T Coupe, a GMC truck, a Buick sedan and a Maxwell.

“When the studio approached us with this project, we knew right away that we could help because we have supported Installers with the parts and education for projects very similar to this,” said Mavrick Knoles, co-founder and President of Legacy EV. “We helped an Authorized Installer in Alabama convert their 1928 Packard from ICE to electric while keeping the gas engine in the vehicle and maintaining its appearance as a gas-powered car.”

Conductive Classics and Legacy EV have long been pioneers in the conversion of ICE powered cars and trucks. Every conversion is bespoke, with systems built for specified power output, driving range and budget. The companies have repurposed beloved vintage cars and trucks ranging from a Chevrolet 1958 Apache pickup to a Ford 1964 Galaxie sedan. They have become experts in creating efficient and reliable electric conversion processes.

“I love the TV series and have watched every episode,” said Sallee. “We were on set when they began filming it. It was such a thrill to spot a green flatbed GMC truck that we converted in the opening scene. We also converted a pair of Ford flatbed trucks, a black Model T Coupe, a big green Buick sedan and a Maxwell that have all appeared throughout the series.” 

With the announcement of another season, EVs converted by Conductive Classics with the parts and build support from Legacy EV will continue to star on screens worldwide alongside the Hollywood “A-listers.” The story of American pioneers transitioning into a bold new future will roll along on the wheels of a new generation of EVs.

About Legacy EV

Legacy EV is the first Electric Vehicle company to offer complete EV conversion kits, EV components, training courses and technical build-support. Legacy EV can convert fleets to electric power, build custom EVs or provide parts and training to mechanics to ensure the transition to Electric Vehicles does not result in the loss of ICE vehicles and trusted auto mechanics. For more information visit https://legacyev.com.

About Conductive Classics

Based in Garden City, Idaho, Conductive Classics is an automotive performance shop specializing in converting vintage cars and trucks from gas to electric. The company offers swaps for vehicles built through 1975. Because every swap is different, systems are built to order to meet required power output, drive range between charges and starting price. For more information, visit https://conductiveclassics.com.

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