Amphenol LTW Pressure Relief Vent

Amphenol LTW Pressure Relief Vent

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Amphenol LTW Over-Pressure Relief Vents

Amphenol LTW Over-Pressure Relief Vents feature waterproof IP68/IP69K ingress protection and hydrophobic/oleophobic membranes. These relief vents are available in metallic and plastic shells that equalize the pressure inside and outside the sealed enclosure. The equalization of the pressure helps prevent the shortening of the device's service life and the potential damage to internal components, degradation of performance, or the sudden heat or pressure rise of a battery module that can lead to an explosion. Amphenol LTW Over-Pressure Relief Vents are offered in spring-loaded types, rectangular types, and piercing types.


  • Extends the service life of sealed enclosures
  • Equalizes and balances pressure
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • Automotive vents


  • Waterproof IP68/IP69K ingress protection
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes
  • -40°C to +125°C or +150°C temperature range
  • Screw-type assembly
  • Vent options
    • Spring-loaded types
    • Rectangular types
    • Piercing types