Universal Ball Socket For Cable Throttle Linkage

Universal Ball Socket For Cable Throttle Linkage

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This is the best solution for adapting your existing throttle cable and allowing it to hook directly into your hall effect throttle control lever. This eliminates cable binding which can lead to sticky throttle feel, and premature wear to the cable sleeve. You can also micro adjust the position with the built in trim nut. Cable is secured with a allen set screw.

System information

Motor System

ReVolt CR-43 w/ EV Controls Motor Controller

Charger System

ElCon 6.6 kW Charger combined DC/DC Converter Unit w/ Dilithium Master Control Unit


16 x Tesla 18650 Modules from a Tesla Model S

ReVolt CR-43 Kit Specs

Rated Power: 350-450 kW

Torque: 800+ [lb-ft] at the yoke

RPM: 8000 max at the yoke

Current: 1000 Amps

Weight: 300 Lbs

Input Voltage: 275-400 Volts

Length: 43" Inches 

Width: 13.5" 

Height: 15”

How does it mount?

LS Motor Mounts

How fast is it?

The fastest electric motor in the World.