TurboWerx Exa-Pump
TurboWerx Exa-Pump

TurboWerx Exa-Pump

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Used in EV applications to circulate fluid to cool a gear reduction box, such as the Torque Trends TorqueBox. 

Built on extremely rugged spur gear technology, there is simply no other pump that can be compared to this hi-temp, 10,000 hour continuously rated pump.

• 350F (175C) Fluid Temperature
• 2-3GPM Scavenge Pump Rate depending on oil temperature/viscosity, 50+ PSI continuous as Pressure Pump
• Self-prime greater than three feet.
• Hardened Bronze Gear Pump Rotors
• 10,000 Hour Rated Dual Hybrid Ball Bearings
• 10,000 Hour Rated Over-sized Brushes
• Highest Rated Temperature (class H or higher) Insulated Copper Motor Windings
• Black Anodized Extruded Aluminum Bracket/Heatsink
• Nickel-plated Pump Head
• Stainless Steel Pump Head Fasteners
• 3/8" NPT Female Threaded Pump Head Ports
• Set of two 3/8” NPT -> AN Nickel-plated Adapters Included - Options are -6AN, -8AN, or -10AN Sizes - if size preference not specified at order time, -8AN supplied.
• High-Temperature Power Wiring
• Weatherproof Connectors
• Rubber-isolated Mounting Bracket
• Low-vibration, Quiet
• 6 lbs Total Weight, 3” Diameter Motor