VDA Module Thermal Pad

VDA Module Thermal Pad

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To be use with KorePower Modules together with Chill Plate

Dimensions – 318mm x 99mm x 3mm

Usage – One per module

It is essential that one of these thermal pads is used with each battery module to allow sufficient thermal transfer between the coolant plate and the battery.

Item Unit Value
Colour Visual Blue
Thickness Mm 3
Specific Gravity g/cm3 2.7±0.1
Hardness Shore C 15±5 to 60±5
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 3
Pa 5.88*10 9
Continuous Use Temp ℃ -40 to +240
Volume Resistivity Ω-CM 1.0*1010
Breakdown Voltage KV/mm >5
Flame Rating V-0
Conductivity w/m-k 4