Tesla 5.2kWh Battery Module Cell Tap Board

Tesla 5.2kWh Battery Module Cell Tap Board

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This fits Tesla modules with the two ribbon band style Blue/Red plugs.

Built to replace the standard Tesla BMS boards found in Tesla Model S and Model X battery modules. Fits 60, 70, 75, 85, 90, and 100 kWh series modules. Designed to work as a cell tap that can relay voltage of all 6 module battery groups and both temperature thermistors to your BMS of choice. Both temperature sensors are 10k thermistors and are NOT polarity sensitive. Not all applications will use both thermistors, but we recommend using at least one of the two for monitoring temperatures to maintain battery health. Comes with 12-pin connector and 16 crimp pins. Crimp pins fit 22-18 AWG cell tap wires. 

Direct replacement for stock Tesla BMS Board, uses existing connectors from the battery module and uses the stock plastic rivets.

No proprietary software required, just plug-in and go!