Netgain Motors HyPer9HV IS (Integrated System)
Netgain Motors HyPer9HV IS (Integrated System)
Netgain Motors HyPer9HV IS (Integrated System)

Netgain Motors HyPer9HV IS (Integrated System)

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The NetGain Hyper9HV motor is the foundation of many of our kits. The Hyper9 is classified as a Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet Motor (SRIPM). It is an outstanding pick for an EV build for several reasons. First, the Hyper9 puts out 173 ft*lbs of torque at 0 rpm, which is 50% compared to similar sized AC induction motors running at similar power levels. Secondly, the motor has a power to weight ratio of 0.73 kw/lb (or 0.97 hp/lb), more than any other motor in its class, all while boasting 95% efficiency.

This kit includes a Hyper-Drive X1 Controller/ Inverter. This Controller is a great fit for the Hyper9 motor, because it offers a control algorithm specifically designed for SRIPM motors. Secondly, this controller has up to 50% higher power density than other offerings, which means superior power delivery in half the foot print. Lastly, this controller offers fully configurable inputs and outputs, as well as extensive program customization via PC. This level of adaptability enables us to offer end-users multiple drive modes, exciting power delivery, regenerative braking, and on-demand torque. 

This kit includes:

1x Hyper 9HV Motor
1x SME X144 Inverter
1x Inverter Harness
1x Contactor
1x Precharge Relay

Specification of the system include:

Nominal Voltage: 144V
Input Voltage: 90-180V
Max Current: 500 Amps
Peak Torque: 162 ft/lbs
Peak Power: 120HP/90kW
Max Speed: 8,000 RPM
Total Package Weight ~150lbs