APP EV Modular Battery Pack
APP EV Modular Battery Pack
APP EV Modular Battery Pack
APP EV Modular Battery Pack

APP EV Modular Battery Pack

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The Modular Battery Pack from APP EV features a carbon-kevlar-composite housing, a fused MSD, and external connections for coolant, cell taps, and quick release HV connectors. Link four packs mounted throughout a vehicle in series to build a 73 kWh, 400V battery pack.  

Electrical Specifications:

  • 18.2kWh energy and 64kW max power. 60-103 Volts DC, 88V nominal
  • A single string of 96 Li-NMC cells in a 24S4P arrangement (8 modules at 3S4P)
  • A fused Manual Service Disconnect (MSD) with HVIL capabilities
  • 24 cell voltages and 16 temperature measurements at an external, 61 pin Amphenol low voltage BMS connector
  • Industry standard Amphenol touch-proof quick release High Voltage (HV) connectors with HVIL capabilities

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Each pack weighs 230 lbs dry
  • Mechanical attachment provisions on bottom surface of enclosureCarbon-Kevlar-Fiberglass sandwich provides 80% weight savings over standard steel enclosures
  • Venting unit for degas flow

Thermal Specifications:

  • Actively cooled with automotive-grade quick release liquid coolant connectors
  • Quick release coolant port fittings available in straight or 90 degree orientations