AEM VC200 Rear Wiring Harness

AEM VC200 Rear Wiring Harness

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This low voltage harness assembly was designed to be installed in the rear half of the electric vehicle. It was designed to be used with a mating front half assembly that is VCU hardware specific. The AEM part number for the mating front half harness is 30-8600.

Connector interface features include:
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Combined Charging Unit (CCU)
  • Isabellenhutte (IVTS) current voltage shunt based measuring system
  • Life Energy Motion (LEM) - current voltage DHAB s/124 Transducer Sensor
  • Inverter CAN (INV CAN) - Inverter High-Voltage Interlock (HVIL)
  • Inverter Power (INV PWR)
  • J1772 Flying Leads - Proximity Pilot (PROX) and Control Pilot (CP)
  • Inline Signals
  • Inline CAN