AEM 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module
AEM 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module

AEM 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module

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    AEM's 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2212) converts analog, digital and frequency inputs into an AEMnet CAN bus signal that can be transmitted to the CD-5 Carbon and CD-7 Digital Dashes. This expansion module provides a way for users with carbureted vehicles to add a CD Dash, and lets users with existing CAN-based devices add more channels to the display for viewing and/or data logging (data logging requires CD-5L Carbon or CD-7L logging Dashes). The 22-Channel CAN Sensor Module is compatible with the CD Dashes only; it will run in parallel with 3rd party CAN devices on the CD dashes but it is currently not compatible with AEM's AQ-1 Data Logger, Series 2 or Infinity ECUs, or 3rd party ECUs or loggers.


    • Convert analog, digital and frequency-based inputs to AEMnet CAN bus for display on CD-5 Carbon and CD-7 Dashes!
    • Perfect for users with carbureted vehicles who want to add a CD Dash display
    • Ideal for EFI users who want to add more channels to a CD Dash without purchasing multiple CAN-based devices
    • Daisy chain two Modules together for additional channels
    • IP65-rated enclosure is 'dust tight' and water resistant
    • Wiring harness included with 36-inch flying leads and pre-wired CAN cable
    • Four Dedicated 0-5V analog inputs
    • Four Temperature (thermistor) inputs
    • Four User configurable analog inputs, (jumper selectable; 0-5v, thermistor, or RTD)
    • One dedicated fuel level input (0 to 250 ohm range)
    • Six Digital Inputs, active low, protected to ~18v, frequency, duty cycle or simple switch
    • One Tach Input
    • Two VR pair frequency inputs (crank, wheel or drive shaft speeds)
    • Jumper selectable CAN bus speeds, 250k,500k,1M
    • Jumper selectable terminating resistor
    • Jumper selectable header length, 11bit or 29 bit