Dilithium Design EV Display

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    For use with the Dilithium Design Battery Management System this Electric Vehicle Display is extremely handy for showing battery voltages, state of charge, and can even be used to easily configure voltage settings in the BMS with it's touchscreen interface.  Packed full of information, right at your fingertips. 

    Optional Hall Sensor is used to show current draw in amps in real time. Hall sensor is a DHAB S-44 (-420a - +230a). We now offer the DHAB S/137 with 1000 amp limits as well.

    Optional analog fuel gauge is availalble online, see details in manual. 

    Actual display area is approximately 2.55" tall by 1.91" wide, plus the black bezel for a total size of 3.89" x 2.86"

    Kit includes:

    • 1x Display
    • 1x Current Sensor
    • 1x Wiring & Connectors Kit