reVolt CR-43 Motor
reVolt CR-43 Motor
reVolt CR-43 Motor
reVolt CR-43 Motor
reVolt CR-43 Motor
reVolt CR-43 Motor

reVolt CR-43 Motor

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The Revolt Crate Motor built by Revolt systems combines the best of modern electric vehicle technology with the simplicity of a bolt-in crate engine. The reVolt CR-43 is designed to mount in the engine bay of your existing car. It will connect directly to your drive shaft to provide instantaneous torque of the electric motor straight to the rear-end of your favorite classic car. 

Motor Specifications: 

  • Rated Power: 350-450 kW

  • Torque: 800+ [lb-ft] at the yoke

  • RPM: 8000 max at the yoke

  • Current: 1000 Amps

  • Weight: 300 Lbs

  • Input Voltage: 275-400 Volts

  • Length: 43" Inches¬†

  • Width: 13.5"¬†

  • Height: 15‚ÄĚ

Drivetrain Components (Fully assembled and tested)

  • Tesla Model S motor core fully refurbished, includes new seals and bearings (sport or standard)
  • Revolt System full motor assembly, includes motor mounts and coolant fittings
  • Torque Trends 1.9:1 reduction box
  • Inverter (sport or standard)
  • High-voltage input ready for 400-volt DC
  • Output yoke (driveline ready)

Electronics Package

  • MCU (Motor Control Unit) by EV-Controls
  • Illuminated drive selection switches: drive, neutral, and reverse
  • Throttle pedal with dual sensors
  • Full motor wiring harness (Does not include vehicle specific 12v systems)

The Revolt Crate Motor holds the Electric Land Speed record at 353 miles per hour. If you are looking for one of the fastest electric motors that the market has to offer, look no further than the reVolt CR-43.  

What you will still need:

  • Traction Batteries
  • Battery Management System¬†
  • DC to DC Converter¬†
  • Charger System¬†