Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart
Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart
Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart
Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart
Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart
Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart

Top Kart MSTEM3 Electric Go Kart

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The Top Kart EV Electric chassis is the premier kart racing chassis package for the Purdue MSTEM3 project for both High School and Collegiate levels. With the Legacy EV custom battery pack coupled with the Top Kart chassis, your kart will handle like a true kart and allow for high and low level tuning adjustments.

Teach With Confidence - Optional Add Ons

  • Accompanying Legacy EV Curriculum, inquire today at 
  • EV Fundamentals Certification Bootcamp: Learn from Legacy EV Curriculum Designers as they facilitate 40+ hours of hands-on in-person learning using the MSTEM3 EV Kit.
    • Want to become a licensed Legacy EV training site and utilize Legacy EV’s curriculum? Email us at for more information!
  • EV Technician Toolkit: Set up your EV learning environment for success!  All PPE, tooling, and electrical measuring equipment used in Legacy EV’s in-person training is available for purchase on our website.


  • Cost effective and exciting approach to engage learners in e-mobility.
  • Kart can be assembled/disassembled year after year across multiple class sections.
  • Designed for ease of use and interaction with all EV powertrain components and circuitry.
  • Can be used to describe the purpose and safety functions of all EV components and systems, including electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), battery management system (BMS), and motor system operation.
  • Demonstrate EV wiring and safety best practices.
  • Programmable motor controller to test and tune the motor system.
  • Programmable battery management system.


  • Designed with the learner in mind. Easily and safely interact with vital EV circuitry, including:
    • Contactor
    • Pre-charge resistor
    • Motor controller
    • Motor
    • Battery management system with air cooling
    • Throttle potentiometer
    • Low voltage ignition 
    • Emergency HV disconnect
  • Includes LEV installation guide to assist learners in kart assembly.
  • Includes wiring diagram for reference.
  • Comes with custom LEV battery pack.
  • Battery management system comes with an app for monitoring battery and charging.
  • Programmable motor controller allows learners to quickly change digital parameters to experience their effects in the driving experience.
  • Technical Information
  • When fully assembled, the go kart weights 200 lbs with dimensions of 78"x54"x22"
  • Uses 60V charger with Anderson SB50 Quick Connect Plugs
  • Air-cooled battery management system


  • 14 NMC Prismatic Cells (14S)
  • Daly Battery Management System
  • AllTrax programmable motor controller
  • Motenergy 0708 Permanent Magnet Brush-Type DC Motor 
  • Throttle Pot Box
  • Contactor
  • Wiring Harness
  • Kill Switch
  • Chain Break and Alignment Tools
  • Tire Changing Tools 
  • and an additional front sprocket for teaching gear ratios 


  • Payment for order is due upon acknowledgement of PO by Legacy EV. Once the order payment has been processed, your order will be placed in the queue and typical lead time is 4-6 weeks for delivery of your order.
  • Legacy EV is not Liable for any use/misuse of this racing chassis or EV powertrain once purchased.