UQM/Danfoss PowerPhase HD2 220+ M+C

UQM/Danfoss PowerPhase HD2 220+ M+C

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The Danfoss HD230 (formerly UQM HD220) is a high power PMAC (permanent magnet AC) electric motor designed for heavy duty, high torque applications. The HD220 M+C included the motor and controller. This motor can be paired with a single speed gear reducer (evTorquebox from Torque Trends) or a 2-speed pneumatic transmission from Eaton. This heavy duty electric motor can be used in a variety of applications ranging from schools buses to mining equipment and even consumer vehicles. The Danfoss Power Phase HD220 can also be purchased with the transmission or with a single speed gear reducer (check out Danfoss HD220 M+C+T).

For a slightly higher powered variant of this heavy duty electric motor, check out the Danfoss HD250
  • 1x EM-PMI318B-T440E-255V Motor
  • 1x EC-1200F-1200-440 Inverter
  • 1x Inverter Harness/Connector Kit
  • 1x Main Traction Power Cable Kit
  • Nominal Voltage: 360V
  • Input Voltage: 250-440V
  • Max Current: 700 Amps
  • Peak Torque: 516 ft/lbs
  • Peak Power: 295HP/220kW
  • Max Speed: 6,000 RPM
  • Total Package Weight ~240lbs

Danfoss HD220 Spec Sheet

Danfoss HD220 User Manual