Resolve EV Nissan Leaf Controller

Resolve EV Nissan Leaf Controller

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The Resolve controller enables EV conversions using the Nissan Leaf's motor, inverter, charger, and battery pack. It also manages brake lights, reverse lights, pre-charging, HV relays, and more. It's a comprehensive solution for EV conversions with key Nissan Leaf components.


  • The Resolve controller has a USB-C port to enable future software updates.
  • 1.3’’ OLED screen which displays state of charge, selected gear during driving, amount kWs when charging and it also shows the water temperatures when above 80°C or 175°F.
  • It has three different modes of regenerative braking.
  • The possibility to set the max charge to 85% to increase the longevity of the battery pack.

Compatible Nissan Leaf Components:

  • Charger 2014-2017. With either 3.3kW or 6.6kW regular charging, CHAdeMo quick charging and a DC/DC converter. (2018-2022 Chargers also work except for Chademo)
  • Motor & Inverter 2014-2022. It’s a synchronous AC motor with three different power outputs. 80kW(254Nm), 110kW (320Nm) or 160kW( 340Nm of torque).
  • Battery pack 2014-2022. With an internal BMS and pre-charge circuit. In either 24kWh, 30kWh, 40kWh or 60kWh of capacity.
  • e-NV200 components with the same model years are also compatible