Thunderstruck Motors Charging System

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These systems include everything you need to charge your high voltage batteries in your EV build or conversion.

The base system includes; a Thunderstruck EVCC (Electircal Vehicle Charge Controller), a serial programming cable, the wiring and connectors kit, charge state LEDs, and 1, 2, or 4 TSM2500 chargers (dependent on the selected charging speed).

  • Add the optional charging kit to include an EVSE charge cable, J1772 charge port, and a 6' charge cable.

    The foundation of these systems is the TSM2500 charger. Small form factor (11" x 9") coupled with IP66 protections make this a flexible option for an onboard battery charger for an EV conversion or build. This device requires a CANbus network to function.

    Selecting the higher kWh charge speeds will add additional TSM2500 chargers to your order. These charger will be installed in parallel for even more current output and quicker charging times.

    There are three variations of chargers to choose from dependent on battery pack configuration and nominal voltage. Specifications of the models are as follows:


    • Charging Max Output: 3kW
    • Charging Nominal Voltage: 85-130V
    • Charging Output Voltage 48-130V


      • Charging Max Output: 3kW
      • Charging Nominal Voltage: 120-180V
      • Charging Output Voltage 72-180V


      • Charging Max Output: 3kW
      • Charging Nominal Voltage: 275-420V
      • Charging Output Voltage 200-420V