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The Revolt Crate Motor complete ev conversion kit provides everything you need to eswap or build your own custom EV. The Revolt Crate Motor built by Revolt Systems combines the best of modern electric vehicle technology with the simplicity of a bolt-in crate engine. Coupled with custom Legacy EV battery packs, you can pair the your reVolt CR-43 with the right power to bring your project into the 21st century.

System information

Drivetrain Package

Tesla Model S motor core fully refurbished, includes new seals and bearings (sport or standard)

Revolt System full motor assembly, includes motor mounts and coolant fittings

Torque Trends 1.9:1 reduction boxInverter (sport or standard)

High-voltage input ready for 400-volt DC

Output yoke (driveline ready)

Electronics Package

MCU (Motor Control Unit) by EV-Controls

Illuminated drive selection switches: drive, neutral, and reverse

Throttle pedal with dual sensors

Full motor wiring harness (Does not include vehicle specific 12v systems)

Battery Package

Custom Lithium-ion battery packs specially designed for the Revolt Crate Motor

Brand new cells - not reused Tesla Batteries 

Custom battery management and EV charge controls design to optimize the Revolt CR-43 performance. 

Revolt Systems

Motor Specs:

Rated Power: 350-450 kW

Torque: 800+ [lb-ft] at the yoke

RPM: 8000 max at the yoke

Current: 1000 Amps

Weight: 300 Lbs

Input Voltage: 275-400 Volts

Length: 43" Inches 

Width: 13.5" 

Height: 15”

How does it mount?

LS Motor Mounts

How Fast is it?

Land Speed Record

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