Person wearing PPE pulling out Manual Service Disconnect. Electrically Safe Work Condition
Person with PPE performing Zero Voltage Verification using a CAT III Multimeter
Group Huddle Demonstrating PPE Testing
Person creating workplace safety plan
Certified High Voltage Safety Training
Certified High Voltage Safety Training

Certified High Voltage Safety Training

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This online and in-person high voltage safety training is designed for technicians who work in and around high voltage. In the online portion of the course, learners will complete 4-8 hours of virtual Level 1 content as pre-work to become a Certified Level 1 Electrically Aware Person before attending the in-person portion for Level 2.

In person at the Legacy EV Headquarters, learners will practice and demonstrate the skills necessary to create and verify an electrically safe work condition, including testing and using high voltage PPE, using electrical instruments to verify a HV circuit is de-energized, and safely navigating a high voltage work environment. The in-person portion will conclude with a Level 2 Assessment and Skills Demontration to become a Level 2 Certified High Voltage Vehicle Technician. 

Phoenix, AZ 

High Voltage Safety Level 1 Electrically Aware Individual Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify EV high-voltage components and high voltage circuits
  • Describe the effects of electricity on the body
  • Identify high voltage hazards in the workplace and implement preventive measures
  • Understand safety concerns associated with EVs
  • Recognize common high voltage emergencies and how to respond to them
  • Understand signage for electrical hazards
  • Interpret universal hazardous symbols and labels for dangerous goods
  • Identify battery abuses and risks and indicators of thermal runaway
  • Describe the importance of Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures in preventing re-energization and ensuring the safety of technicians

High Voltage Safety Level 2 High Voltage Vehicle Technician Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the proper levels of PPE required for working on an EV and how they vary based on electrical levels and conditions
  • Understand and apply the fundamental best practices for avoiding electrical shock
  • Identify best practice testing factors for creating a safe in-shop testing environment
  • Demonstrate proper use of a digital multimeter (DMM) when measuring source voltage, voltage drop (including grounds), amperes, and resistance
  • Perform a Live-Dead-Live test to verify zero potential in an Electric Vehicle
  • Select, appraise, and use proper safety gloves
  • Select, qualify, and use proper electrical testing equipment and leads
  • Select, qualify, and implement appropriate PPE replacement and recertification schedules
  • Develop a Workstation Pre-Use Inspection Checklist and Electrical Risk Assessment 
  • Explain the hazards of improper grounding and bonding; potential equalization
  • Test high voltage cable integrity and loss of isolation