Cascadia Motion iDM-190 integrated Drive Module

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Built using the CM200 inverter and the BorgWarner eDM motor/transmission, this three-in-one integrated module is capable of 4140 Nm of axle torque. The assembly is bolt-in ready for transverse mounted drivelines and is equipped with parking lock and water pump as standard.

Features include:

  • 480Vdc maximum voltage (with CM200DX inverter)
  • Wavetrac® limited slip differential
  • Integrated parking lock
  • 8.28:1 gearbox ratio
  • Water-cooled motor minimizes weight & size

    Specifications include:

    • Peak Torque - 500Nm (368ft*lb)
    • Peak Power -  225kW (300hp)
    • Peak Current - 730 Amps
    • Max System Voltage - 480 VDC
    • Maximum Speed - 12000rpm
    • Boundary Box
         Height: 435mm
         Width: 540mm
         Length: 515mm
    • Combined Efficiency - 95% peak