5.3 Hyperformance Series Kit

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The Legacy 5.3 from our hyperformance series is the ev kit that spares no expense, getting you the maximum power potential from our Hyper 9 system. With upgraded charging, increased battery power, and four motors this kit will give your build unparalleled instant electric power. The hyperformance series is built with the four Netgain Hyper 9 High Voltage AC motor system, Custom built LegacyEV battery modules, Dilithium BMSC, and the Thunderstruck TSM Charging system.

From the motor and batteries to wire connectors and hose clamps LegacyEV wants to make sure you can build your EV without visiting any other retailer. Our kits have all the essentials you will need for your EV conversion. This kit is built solely on top-notch systems and components to give your conversion the modern performance and sustainability of a new electric vehicle. Every element is specifically designed to work in conjunction with one another ensuring that you don’t need to spend months of research and endless days scouring the internet to find the properly compatible components.

Check out the specs, compare feature, and upgrade options to see how you can get more out of your build.

Power HP
473 horsepower
648 ft/lbs
Battery Cap.
37.8 kWh
132.3 miles
Charge Time
3.2 hrs
Nominal Voltage
151.2 volts
Max Voltage
176.4 volts
352.8 kW
Legacy Kit Range Rating
Legacy Kit Standard Range
Legacy Kit Charge Rating
Charge Time
Legacy Kit Super Charge Time
Legacy Kit Speed Rating
Top Speed & Acceleration
Legacy Kit Super Top Speed & Acceleration



4x Hyper 9HV

Motor Controller

4x SME X144 500A


1x Custom Battery System

DC to DC Converter

ElCon 144V


4x TSM2500 144V

Battery Management


Single Motor Rendering

5.3 Hyperformance Series Kit

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System information

Motor System

ReVolt CR-43 w/ EV Controls Motor Controller

Charger System

ElCon 6.6 kW Charger combined DC/DC Converter Unit w/ Dilithium Master Control Unit


16 x Tesla 18650 Modules from a Tesla Model S

ReVolt CR-43 Kit Specs

Rated Power: 350-450 kW

Torque: 800+ [lb-ft] at the yoke

RPM: 8000 max at the yoke

Current: 1000 Amps

Weight: 300 Lbs

Input Voltage: 275-400 Volts

Length: 43" Inches 

Width: 13.5" 

Height: 15”

How does it mount?

LS Motor Mounts

How fast is it?

The fastest electric motor in the World.